• White

  • I see with white eyes
    I think with white mind
    I act with white hands in a white body
    I walk in a white world
    I breathe in a white sky, I am high, high on a white mountain
    And I am a looking deeply down.

    Angelo Savelli, NYC 1960

  • Light

  • Between earth and sky,

    Between known and unknown

    Between inferno and paradise.

    With balance and tension

    and equilibrium and continuity,

    Aesthetic fulfillment

    of the human soul.


    By sublimating the idea of proportion

    As divine concept

    And inner reality.

    Going through an experience

    of concentration on a single image

    And a bidimensional space.

    To clarify our mirror mind

    In order to reach reality

    In its truthful state.

    To eliminate complicated dimensions

    In color and illusory space,

    Which are sources

    Of our deformed images

    Of reality and truth … and to see

    “The light

    That never changes.”

    Angelo Savelli

  • Paradise I

  • White is purified by light and fire
    Geometry is the expression of the eternal and divine
    But not emulating
    But giving stimulus toward revelation and ideal.

    Angelo Savelli, 1966

  • Love letter to the figure point

  • Dear figure point

    This morning

    While the birds

    Where singing

    I had the desire to initiate myself

    Into a criminal and noble venture

    And following the example of scientists

    Who on their own, are noble and criminals

    At the same time –

    I started the operation

    Whit my own hands which are more noble

    Than the thinking of –

    as they are to be praised

    For the courageous action

    They dared to initiate –

    what happened is:

    that the more my hands

    Got deeply and more

    Deeply involved

    In the above mentioned

    Criminality and nobility

    At the same time

    My hands by their own

    Constant energy

    Slowly slowly

    Went in disintegration…

    And when visibility

    Of them was none –

    that same energy

    Started dividing my body

    Until every part of it

    Became smaller and smaller

    To the point of its own invisibility

    Nonetheless being no more

    A point or a figure

    To occupy space

    I felt becoming space myself…

    Angelo Savelli, NY 1970

  • Dante's Inferno

  • The vertical line presents the symbolic image of
    man standing with dignity, and severity as well as winner
    over disaster cruelty of nature and mankind.

    Angelo Savelli, 1964